The standard analysis of the industry - taken to the next level

By modelling every asset within a portfolio through thousands of economic scenarios, finance managers can forecast cash flows at an asset, fund or group level, including debt. As well as a single static projection, ProMS Investor generates a range of forecasts. This allows finance managers to prepare for a variety of outcomes with different probabilities.

ProMS Investor's cash flow forecasting also takes into account future business decisions, such as the likely requirement for capital expenditure to refurbish properties, depending on costs, depreciation and market movement.

Included in the forecast are:
  • Rental income
  • Purchase and sales costs
  • CAPEX - planned and unplanned
  • Void rates and service costs
  • Letting fees
  • Depreciation impact
  • Development costs
  • Break penalties and incentives
  • Rent free periods and lease incentives
  • Review costs
  • Interest and capital debt servicing

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