Comprehensive modelling of debt against property, fund or entire portfolio

The ProMS Investor debt module allows modelling of debt at any level, from individual properties through to sub-fund, fund, joint venture and entire portfolios.

The debt module allows sophisticated definitions of debt, including:
  • Fixed, floating and mid-term changes between the two
  • Interest only, annualised principal repayment, term amortisation
  • Sweep payments
  • Unlimited mid-term switches between any re-payment type
  • Caps, Collars, Interest-rate swaps
  • Multi-tranche and securitised debt arrangements
  • Development phase-driven debt
  • Bonds, debentures, convertibles
  • RCF-type loans
  • Standard and bespoke fee structures
As well as simulating the cash-flows of a property though a large number of economic scenarios, ProMS can also simulate the costs of servicing any loans associated with the property through the same set of scenarios.

Typically the use of debt increases expected returns from a property but also increases the volatility of the expected returns. By measuring the risk and return of a property with different types of loan or with none at all, finance managers can structure debt to optimise the risk adjusted return of an asset or portfolio of assets.
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