Model your risks and exposures across multiple currencies and countries

ProMS allows complete flexibility when modelling your global portfolio.
Differences in leases and valuation methodologies can be modelled, as well as local variations in tenant behaviour.
All currencies are included, together with exchange rate risk to give the complete global picture.

  • Flexible lease terms, allowing users to model different lease structures for each country
  • Each country can be set up in a number of flexible ways, from national level down to municipality, department, county or city
  • Valuation methodology can be set differently for each country, to reflect the most common international techniques
  • Reporting at each sub-country, national and international level

  • All international currencies included
  • All deals can be reported in local currency and grouped into a single central currency for reporting
  • Daily feed of spot currency exchange rates

  • ProMS models the volatility of inter-currency exchange rate risk, giving you a complete picture of your international portfolio's likely returns

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