A powerful new tool for valuers, investment companies and financers.

The valuation module within ProMS Investor changes the game for the valuations industry. Allowing users to determine a range of outcomes and compare market sentiment with future cash flows and growth, the module helps valuers and investment managers identify when market sentiment is driving over or under-valuation given the actual risks in the property.
  • Capitalisation methods simulated into the future, based on the property and segment yield movements
  • Discounted cash-flow methods at any horizon (standard horizons of 5-year, 10-year or 30-year)
  • Simulated 'Red Book' yield valuations, projected into the future and subject to market volatility
  • Indexation and depreciation estimates since last full market valuation

Each property is simulated through the identical set of economic scenarios, allowing for direct comparison between static and simulated analysis.

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