This has been one of my pet areas for years and years. The idea in valuation or investment/development appraisal that someone can come up with one answer and state it to be THE definitive answer I have always thought to be delusional.

There is always risk and uncertainty involved and some statement of what that is would always greatly increase the value of the advice and improve the decision making in the sector.

- Dr Tim Harvard, Oakbrook Consultancy, Former MSc Real Estate Programme Director, University of Salford.

ProMS provides a second to none in-depth of analysis for assessing the implied risk characteristics of commercial real estate portfolios.

We wholly-heartedly recommend the software as a tool to help quantify the inherent risks in shopping centre performance.

- Paul Kusmierz, CEO Master Management Group, Poland.

The ProMS software provides a rich risk-return framework, enabling trade-offs in a portfolio to be managed by isolating the impact of individual properties.

A very useful facility is stress testing, where the impact of alternative assumptions such as, for example, GDP growth, interest rates and the inflation rate, can be evaluated. Default historic trends, volatilities, correlations and long term ratios are preserved in the scenarios, or can be modified to reflect individual views.

In a development situation, the software enables uncertainty to be incorporated into a DCF analysis. From a financing perspective almost limitless types of loan structure can be incorporated in the analysis.

This is a sophisticated piece of software

- Professor George Matysiak, Henley Business School, University of Reading and Visiting Professor University of Antwerp Management School

Radley & Associates hands on approach was refreshing as they worked alongside our team to bring their wealth of experience in modelling CRE portfolios to deliver a practical yet innovative solution. Their work represented a substantial shift in our thinking around modelling risk across our portfolio and they were able to act quickly and flexibly to meet deadlines

- David O'Meara, NAB Group

I wanted to thank you and your team for your diligence, professionalism and most of all, the high quality of output. My guess is that it would have taken us 2 years to achieve the progress we have made in 3 months with your help

- Kevin Gillett, Head of Bank of Scotland/Lloyds Group Business Banking

We implemented ProMS in 2008. We found Radley & Associates to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. The project was implemented to time and to the agreed budget, and there was an excellent working relationship between the external and internal project team members.

- Martin Evans, Director of Lending Operations, Santander Commercial Bank

Radley & Associates have proved to be excellent to work with. Their strong consultancy skills and professionalism have helped ensure delivery of projects undertaken within the bank to time, quality and cost

- Thomas Clifford, Senior Manager, Risk Analytics, Santander Commercial Bank

The project was without doubt the most successful initiative we have ever implemented. You and your team did an outstanding job gaining agreement across a complex organisation and then ensuring that we implemented the necessary systems and changes in a timely fashion

- Richard Orgill, Deputy Chief Executive and Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, HSBC

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