Measure the impact of today's decisions on future cash flows and values

ProMS is the first decision tool that allows Asset Managers to align operational decisions with the rest of the business. Easy to use tools enable quick, accurate and auditable decisions to be made:
  • Tenant selection
  • Lease terms
  • Lease lengths
  • Rent free periods and other inducements
  • Refurbishment decisions
  • CAPEX planning and forecasting
  • Cash flow planning and forecasting
Critical questions can be answered in a few minutes, such as:
  • What is the value of offering a six month rent free period?
  • Which tenants and lease terms best align the risk to income with the aims of the fund?
  • How much additional rent would compensate for a lease break
  • What are the comparative values of, for example, a low risk tenant on a short lease and up-front rent free period versus a higher risk tenant on a long lease with no inducements?
  • How many units are likely to be refurbished in the next five years, at what cost/benefit?

Explore features of ProMS Investor which can assist Asset Management:

Measure asset risk Cash flow Forecasting CAPEX Forecasting Risk-adjusted valuations
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