Analyse future risks to mitigate against them

Using a combination of economic simulation and detailed project modelling, ProMS Investor measures all aspects of development risk. This allows users to rank the elements of risk and focus on mitigating the most important risks first.

ProMS measures all traditional development project risks such as:
  • Cost overruns
  • Time overruns
  • Contractor default risk
ProMS Investor goes further, measuring risks as the project moves from development to investment allowing development teams to judge what level of pre-lets to aim for and at what discount:
  • Lease structure optimisation
  • Occupancy and ERV forecasting
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Impact of leverage on project volatility
  • CAPEX forecasting

Explore features of ProMS Investor which can assist Development risk analysis:

Measure & manage Development risk Optimise risk / return with debt Cash flow Forecasting CAPEX Forecasting
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