Fully risk-adjusted performance analysis

ProMS Investor provides insights into the performance of a REIT or property fund that were previously impossible.

Every unit in each building is simulated thousands of times, forty years into the future, against realistic Macroeconomic scenarios. The results are presented in an easy to understand high-level summary.

From this analysis, Executives can gain access to new tools to manage strategy and critical decisions with insights into risk and performance:
  • Compare assets on a risk-adjusted basis across any sector or geography
  • Risk-adjusted IRRs, Total Returns and Sharpe Ratios over any time horizon
  • Likelihood of a fund achieving target returns or beating a benchmark
  • Impact of leverage on risk and return
  • Rank properties by their impact on portfolio returns and diversification
  • All analysis driven to the bottom line, P&L level

Explore features of ProMS Investor which can assist Executive insight:

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