How likely are your 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low' stresses?

ProMS Investor is the first analytical system available to Risk Managers in Commercial Real Estate that quantifies financial risks.

ProMS simulates the assets and liabilities of a Property Company, REIT or fund against realistic economic futures that include significant macroeconomic shocks. Risk Directors can easily stress assets or discover what would happen if GDP fell, default rates or interest rates rose or any other combination of external market factors. New risk management strategies can be tested and simulated in a robust and scientific manner.

Tenant defaults are a major risk factor for property investors. ProMS has a central tenant database for managing data around default risk. Each and every tenancy is realistically stressed and their default ratings migrated with the macro economy. In the event of a default by a key tenant a single adjustment of the grade is cascaded through the entire portfolio.

Operational risk is reduced because all data and results are stored and auditable. Every change to asset records are date stamped and the user logged. A complete record of every change is maintained for audit and back testing purposes. ProMS further reduces operational risk by ensuring all assets are measured against centrally set and auditable assumptions.

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Measure asset risk Measure portfolio risk Stress test a portfolio Tenant concentration

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