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Cash flow simulation with correlated macroeconomic projections is the most advanced valuation methodology available. ProMS Investor represents a step change in the tools available to valuers by providing an easy to use, fully auditable and robust system. Unlike conventional approaches that give a single value or a 'high', 'medium' and 'low' valuations, ProMS Investor presents a distribution of values that gives a unique insight into the true risk-adjusted value of a property.

This analysis allows users to:
  • Measure the difference between traditional market valuations and risk-adjusted valuations
  • Understand the likelihood of a building achieving a given value
  • Identify buildings that have higher than average probability of falling income, and therefore value
  • Understand which buildings are susceptible to large rises or drops in value
  • Create auditable valuations where all assumptions are centrally controlled and all buildings assessed on the same basis
ProMS Investor automatically generates all macroeconomic projections and market-wide assumptions removing the need to estimate future market conditions such as inflation, interest rates, vacancy periods, tenant failure rates, rental and capital growth. This ensures that these assumptions are consistent across the firm. Valuers can then easily override the 'base case' assumptions to ensure each unit is assessed with the most nuanced information (from location and development opportunities to tenant quality). All versions of a valuation are stored and instantly comparable.

ProMS links to many external data sources ranging from macroeconomic data to credit agencies and mapping tools.

Explore features of ProMS Investor which can assist Asset Management:

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